Discos – Space Requirements

As we perform at so many different types of venues we have become skilled at fitting our equipment into all manner of weird and wonderful spaces! However the standard dimensions below should give you an idea of the typical space requirements. As you would imagine, the smaller Silver Disco Package is more suited to fitting into corners discreetly whereas the standard Gold Disco Package makes more of an impression, almost filling one side of the dance floor area.

Silver Disco Package floor space approximately: 3m (10ft) wide by 2m (6ft) deep.

Gold Disco Package floor space approximately: 5m (16ft) wide by 3m (10ft) deep.

Platinum Disco Package includes the Gold Disco above and adds the Starlight LED Dance Floor in either 12ft x 12ft, 14ft x 14ft or 16ft x 16ft (dance floor size allocated on availability and suitability for the individual venue).

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