Discos – Power Requirements

All of our equipment runs on standard single phase 240v 13A UK Mains power outlets. As a bare minimum we require two wall socket outlets within five meters of the equipment setup location. We always carry our own extension cables and protective cable covers.

If the event is being run from a generator then we need to know this at the time of booking.

The generator needs to be super-silenced type, of at least 11.5kva in size (ideally 20kva upwards) with power conditioning and a regulated supply, suitable for supplying sensitive electronic equipment. These are usually road-towable types the same size as a family car. We have come across far too many events over the years where insufficient generator power has been booked and the event has been ruined, not to mention the equipment damage. Thankfully there are now lots of reputable event generator hire companies who specialize in this type of generator hire who can advise you further

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