Dancefloor Hire

Our beautiful White Starlight Dance Floors have thousands of LED lights set into them, which can be static or twinkle slowly like stars, create mesmerising patterns or even pulse in time to the music later on in the evening! Particularly popular for weddings, where it offers beautiful photo opportunities for the bride and grooms first dance, the starlight dance floor then creates a stunning focal point for the dancing and really adds the wow factor.


In fact it has become such a popular feature for amazing weddings that we now include the White Starlight Dance Floor within our Platinum Disco Package.  You can also save £100 when the Starlight Dance Floor Hire is booked along with any of our other disco packages. Please see the wedding discos page for more details.

But it’s not just for weddings, we’ve also been asked to provide Starlight Dance Floor hire for fashion shows, where it makes a stunning catwalk runway.  Exhibitions and product launches have used it to display products as diverse as cosmetics and sports cars!  It really does focus the attention onto whatever is placed on the dance floor – be that the bride and groom, dancers, fashion models or a BMW! Operated by remote control, we can achieve many different effects with the LED’s which are set into the dance floor.

Finished in a high-gloss white and trimmed around the edges in smart silver aluminium. Manufactured in the UK, we only use the highest quality industry standard dance floors.  The most common sizes we supply are 12ft x 12ft, 14ft x 14ft and 16ft x 16ft.  The size selected will obviously be dependent on the space available within the venue.  We also have special corner and junction sections to allow us to work around obstacles such as pillars and also create rectangles, t-shapes, aisles and catwalk runways in addition the standard square shape dance floor.  For much larger events we have industry contacts from whom we can source additional sections of dance floor so that it can be expanded up to your size requirements.

We’ll leave the final words to one of our recent brides, who walked into the room, just as we illuminated the floor “oh-my-god! I love it! I want to have my house fitted with this! I’m blown away, it’s amazing!”

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