Room Uplighting Hire

Up-lighting, mood lighting, wall lighting, wash lighting, architectural lighting… call it what you like, can transform any space in subtle or dramatic fashion. Our coloured LED up-lighting is the quickest, simplest and most cost effective way to change the entire feel of a space and create an amazing atmosphere.

Increasingly popular at weddings and evening events, we can work with you to compliment your chosen colour scheme or have it change throughout the night.  Making plain white rooms into dynamic, vibrant spaces.  Marquee linings in particular can benefit from being lit for the night time.

We place the lights around the edge of the room, pointing upwards to ‘paint’ the walls and the ceiling above in any colour you can imagine.
For more creative effect it can be used to highlight specific features such as staircases, arches, pillars etc.

“can you make my wedding reception the exact purple of Cadbury’s dairy milk?” Yes, we can.

“would red, white and blue lighting be possible for the parade entrance? Yes, how many would you like?

“in the daytime it’s a stately and historic house, can you transform it into a chic space for the night” Yes, we’d love to.

We use the latest next-generation of professional LED up-lighters.  These are brighter, consume less power and remain cool and safe to the touch at all times.

We offer fixed pricing for our regular venues, and there is a cost per-unit for all other locations.  Please get in touch for a quotation as this is a surprisingly cost effective way to transform your event and really make it stand out.

Discount rates for up-lighting are also available when booked with one of our Silver or Gold disco’s.  The Platinum disco package includes the up-lighting as standard.


Lots of pictures from previous events can be found in our facebook photo album here

*Offer* LED Room Up-lighting from only £18 per unit

“A great way to enhance any room.  Our next generation smart LED up-lighting washes the walls and ceiling in the colour of your choice, transforming the atmosphere and really helping to create a theme for your event.  It is also the simplest and most cost effective way to make your big day stand out and look totally different from other events which are held at the same venue.”



LEDJ Slimline 7Q5 White – Wash Light / Up- Lighting

LEDJ Slimline 12Q5 White – Linear Wash Light / Up-Lighting

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