Music Requests

Once you have made a DJ/Disco booking with us and have your Booking Reference Number, you may submit any special music requests you may have. Your requests will be checked against our DJs’ library of recordings to check availability.

Some helpful advice about making song requests….

As a rough guide, most songs are around 4 minutes long. The average disco is around 4 hours long – this means that on average 60 songs are played at a typical disco.

The best ‘mix’ of these 60 songs we have found over many years and many hundreds of functions is:

  • 20 Songs chosen in advance by the customer (this gives us an idea of your tastes)
  • 20 Songs chosen by guests as requests on the night (this is always encouraged by the DJ)
  • 20 Songs chosen by the DJ on the night (this is his speciality)

Larger numbers of requests tend to constrain the music selection and atmosphere which lead to it feeling too ‘pre-planned’.

As such we welcome ‘request lists’ but discourage ‘play lists’ as there is a crucial difference – for customers wanting a strict ‘play list’ with many more than the suggested 20 songs we can recommend our equipment hire service whereby you can use your laptop/tablet or even your phone to play your list of songs, without needing a DJ.

Decades of experience have shown that the best way to achieve a great party is to have a professional DJ doing his thing, with some welcome suggestions (requests) from the customer and guests.

Another very important point to remember, is to choose songs that your guests will all know, and like to dance to.  It may sound obvious, but catering to your guests’ musical tastes is crucial if you want to get them up and dancing!

Where it is imperative for a certain track to be played, (e.g. wedding 1st dances) we will confirm that the request can be met. So please supply a contact email address.

Whilst we endeavour to play every requested song, obviously this cannot be guaranteed due to time constraints and the sheer amount of music published over the decades.

So we ask customers to remember that a request is just that, a request and not an order.

All music played is totally at the discretion of the DJ on the night.
With cannot therefore enter into discussions about what was or was not played on the night once it has passed, as the DJ will make his or her best judgement on the night itself. The final decision rests with them.




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